Marilena's great passion for plants and their care makes the garden of Casa Augusto a small Mediterranean oasis in any season of the year, and it offers a lush green, fresh and genuine fruits, intense, delicate and bright colors. The upper part is dominated by a large silver cedar, which gives a pleasant shade to the driveway, surrounded by lawns and flowering plants. The stairs are embraced by a large fig tree, which in late August and mid-September gives fruit of great sweetness. On the right side there is the citrus grove, planted with lemons, oranges and tangerines.

Next to the upper floor of the villa is the garden of Casa Augusto, where Marilena and Augusto grow some tomatoes, lettuce, eggplant and zucchini. The lower part of the garden is a large lawn, planted with olive trees, flowering plants such as roses, hibiscus and geraniums, and fruit trees such as apricot and plum trees.

Being surrounded by nature offers an incomparable feeling of peace, you can hear the birds singing and the sight of the light reflections on Mount Solaro or the sea of Marina Piccola is just the final touch of wonderful. Here and there in the garden, you can also see some animals in terracotta created by Marilena.